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Welcome to my new site! If you know me, you know I used to be ‘Miss Sweet Potato Head’. I am no longer a ‘Miss’, I got married April 22, 2017, so it is only appropriate I change my blog name. My new last name is Bittner, so I wanted to incorporate it into my blog. I love puns (go follow @duffieldsfarm Instagram to see some of my puns) and one day ‘A BITT of nutrition’ just popped up in my head… I said, “That’s it!”

I started blogging back in 2012. That seems so far away! During one of my exercise science classes, our professor made us start a blog for a project. From there on, I found a passion in blogging. It has been a fun way for me to share my healthy tips and recipes. My blog wasn’t perfect and I am fine with that. I learned so much through the years and wouldn’t trade my old, awful photos for anything! Everyone has to start somewhere…right?! I am still learning the world of blogging and now have to learn a new webpage. I like to be challenged sometimes.

November 2017, I became a registered dietitian. Through school, my blog was a monthly hobby. I feel the Lord tugging on my heart to take my blog further and provide a platform for people to connect with one another on ways they are living healthier. So feel free to comment on my posts or message me separately if you have a topic you would like to hear more. Eventually, I would love to grow a group of like-minded people and have meet ups to encourage each other on their healthy lifestyle. I am always down for a delicious and healthy meal!

The past couple years of this hobby of blogging, people have expressed they have been following me. I was shocked because I thought only my mom was following! When people tell me I have been inspiring them, my heart jumps for joy because that is my goal!! If I only inspire and help one person I am happy. My goal is to get this country healthier one town at a time.

I have been finding more avenues to inspire others to cook and live healthier. For example: in my family’s farm market (Duffield’s Farm) I started a dietitian board. On the dietitian board, I share nutrition facts on one in season product along with a recipe from my blog. Last month, my dad and I did a presentation for Region 1 New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (see picture below). I created the menu and cooked up most of the food while incorporating a ton of fall produce. My dad spoke about farming, fall produce, and fall squash. I spoke about how dietitians play a big role in what farmers grow. It is important for farmers to plan their produce 6 months to a year out. This summer I got a new full time job as a corporate registered dietitian where I meet with clients one-on-one. My newest adventure is digging deeper into a more holistic route of nutrition. On Monday, I start an integrative nutrition program. I look forward to improving the health of my clients, family, friends, my own, and all of you reading my blog! I look forward to the relationships that will be built from the blog while we encourage others to live their best life —mind, body, and spirit.

dad and i.jpgdad and i.jpg

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