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Healthy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for all of you that subscribe or visit my page! It means a lot to me and I hope you are able to make delicious, but also healthy choices on this Thanksgiving. Every year I challenge myself to leave Thanksgiving without rolling out of there or feeling too full. The past couple years, I have accomplished this goal and it feels great! I treat Thanksgiving like any ordinary day with all my normal food and just have a little more dessert compared to a normal day. Here are a few tips to enjoy your day, without feeling deprived:

  • Eat breakfast: This year we are doing brunch with my in-laws. I will be making eggs-your-way and bringing fruit. A healthy breakfast filled with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats is a good start to a day full of food. It will also prevent you from over eating later.

  • Drink water: Water will also fill you up and prevent over eating. Staying hydrated is always a good idea, especially when alcohol is flowing. You can enjoy your alcohol, but try a water in between alcoholic beverages.

  • Stay active: This will be the coldest Thanksgiving in years! We usually play spikeball at my cousins, not sure about today. I don’t have time to gym it, so I will try to stay active running around with the kiddies.

  • Bring a healthy dish you can count on. I bring veggies and hummus for an app. That way I can fill up on veggies. I use the cucumbers as a dipper in buffalo chicken dip and other dips (instead of chips).

  • Don’t go to the party hungry: Eat a small snack like fruit or nuts before to prevent starvation mode and eating everything you see.

  • Eye up the buffet to see what is worth eating: Maybe you only get aunt Betty’s stuffing at Thanksgiving, well heck skip the rolls you can get any day!

  • Eat on a salad or small plate: You will trick your mind that you are eating a lot, but compared to a larger plate you are eating less.

  • Eat veggies, protein, and finish with carbs: The carbs will fill you and prevent you from eating your veggies. There are many delicious and healthy veggies to eat at most houses.

  • Eat your favorite dessert. Maybe this year you eat a smaller slice of pie than last year or you skip the cookies because you will be eating them when Christmas comes.

Enjoy your time with family, eat what you enjoy (in smaller portions than last year), and be mindful. You never know who else is trying to make smarter choices, maybe you encourage them! If you do go over board, no worries, get back on track tomorrow! Be safe and healthy!

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