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Quaratine fun ideas

Stuck in the house with kids? The biggest complaint I hear is not having enough time to eat healthy while working full time, taking care of kids, sport practices, keeping the house clean, and being able to have quality time with kids. Now is your time to spend quality time with your kids, instead of electronics all day after on-line school. It is also a time to build healthy habits, learn new recipes, and figure out a game plan before heading back to work. Here are some ideas if you have kids at home or maybe for yourself as well:

Teach them life skills:

  • basics of cooking
  • baking
  • cleaning
  • how to change a tire
  • Manners
  • wood work
  • how to use tools to fix stuff in the house
  • laundry

Get creative with ways to stay active:

  • obstacle courses
  • nature class
  • Scavenger hunt
  • clean and dance
  • family exercise class
  • playing in the yard
  • riding bikes
  • in-door “lava” game (can’t touch the floor but have to jump onto each object)
  • climb a tree

Get their imagination going:

  • side walk chalk
  • painting
  • blocks
  • coloring
  • building forts
  • family competitions on building something like a gingerbread or lego house
    • have people on social media judge
  • “drive up” movie theater with cardboard boxes as cars
  • sensory boxes
  • decorate eggs
  • bake and decorate
  • animal face toasts (see below)
  • fruit kabobs (see below)
  • homemade pizza
  • build your own sandwich or salad
  • play a cooking channel game

Animal Face Toasts

Recipe by bittnutritionCourse: Healthy Tips, Snack


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes



Let’s see how creative you get!


  • Toast ideas: whole grain bread; sourdough bread; rice cakes; english muffins; pita; sweet potato toast

  • Spread ideas: chocolate hummus (Pictured); natural peanut butter (Pictured); Nutella; Greek yogurt (Pictured); Cottage Cheese; avocado; Cream cheese

  • Toppings: fruit; chocolate chips; plain cheerios; veggies; eggs; bacon


  • Pick your toast option.
  • Spread your favorite spread option.
  • Get creative with the toppings!

I would love to see the creations you or your kids come up with! Tag me on instagram: a bitt of nutrition

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